# Welcome

# Overview

Katacoda scenarios eliminate many of the barriers to gaining production-level skills.

No setup is required for learners, and the sandboxed environment eliminates risk to existing systems. Learners walk through a progression of short (5-15 minutes), guided, contextual steps that run alongside a live coding environment in the cloud created specifically for them.

It’s everything modern businesses need to ensure their employees are prepared when it’s time to face real-world situations or innovate their business models using new technologies.

Scenarios are configured in JSON, with lessons written in Markdown. Start by choosing one of several pre-built environments, or demonstrate more advanced techniques with your own customized Dockerfiles.

# Getting Started

We recommend working through the “Your First Scenario” tutorial.

Or start clicking through our many examples here:

# Documentation

The docs here are organized by:

  • Tutorials — step-by-step guides
  • Essentials — details on features used in most scenarios
  • Reference — documentation of more advanced features
  • Challenges — authoring challenges