# Welcome

# Overview

Katacoda scenarios eliminate many of the barriers to gaining production-level skills.

No setup is required for learners, and the sandbox environment eliminates risk to existing systems. Learners walk through a progression of short (5-15 minutes), guided, contextual steps that run alongside a live coding environment in the cloud created specifically for them.

It’s everything modern businesses need to ensure their employees are prepared when it’s time to face real-world situations or innovate their business models using new technologies.

Scenarios are written in Markdown and rely on simple JSON structures to define the elements you want to use. You can take advantage of several pre-built environments and you can demonstrate more advanced techniques with your own customized Dockerfiles.

# Getting Started

The “Your First Scenario” tutorial is a great place to start.

# Documentation

The docs here are organized by:

  • Tutorials — step-by-step guides
  • Essentials — details on features used in most scenarios
  • Reference — documentation of more advanced features
  • Challenges — authoring challenges