# Delivering Workshop

This is only available as part of a paid subscription. More details at https://katacoda.com/embed/

Once you have a paid subscription you will be able to schedule your workshop with the capacity required. Without a paid subscription, Katacoda cannot ensure that there will be capacity available for your attendees.

# Step 1 - Create your Training Pathway

If you are planning to run workshops where you need to ensure the capacity for the expected number of attendees, you will need to create a pathway file, describing the scenarios you want to include in it. This pathway file should be located in the training directory of your git repo.

This pathway file is a JSON file that can either be created manually or via the Katacoda CLI. The following is an example of Katacoda CLI usage to create the training pathway file:

$ katacoda training:create
? Username: exampleuser
? Enter the root path of your repository: /tmp/local-katacoda-repo
? Training Title: First training
? Training Description: First training description
? Course: (Use arrow keys or type to search)
❯ hashicorp/vault-batch-tokens: Vault Batch Tokens
  hashicorp/vault-auto-unseal: Vault Auto-Unseal
? Do you want to add another scenario? Yes
... (repeat until all scenarios added)

If you create the training pathway file manually, the training directory must be placed at the root with at least one JSON file inside.

An example pathway file can be viewed here.

More information can be found on the Training Pathway section of the documentation.

# Step 2 - Schedule Training

Once your pathways are all set up, it will be much easier to create your event in the Schedule Training calendar view of the Dashboard.

During the scheduling of the workshop you will create a custom URL for your attendees. To make sure attendees get the best experience they must use this URL.

# Support

If you have any questions, please contact Support