# Additional Learning Resources

# Examples

A collection of example scenarios have been created at https://github.com/katacoda/scenario-examples. The same scenarios can be taken at https://katacoda.com/scenario-examples.

This provides you with a collection of source materials of how to build a scenario together with a way to test and try the results.

# How to Build Katacoda Scenarios with O'Reilly

Learn how to build scenarios from a seasoned Katacoda author.

# Community Articles and Videos

An introduction to building tutorials on the Katacoda platform created by OpenShift Ninja - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeJJ34BvA7Q

Creating a Katacoda scenario by Lucas Jellema - https://medium.com/@lucasjellema/creating-a-katacoda-scenario-10bf7b82b234

Learn and teach with Katacoda by Irek Romaniuk - https://medium.com/@IrekRomaniuk/learn-and-teach-with-katacoda-d3ba4dce4e04